logic puzzle

System Requirements:

  • * WinXP/Vista/7
  • * 400Mhz processor
  • * 128Mb RAM
  • * DirectX 8

Paradoxion is a true gem for those who like to solve challenging logic puzzles! The core rules are simple — each level you must clear the board of all elements (like Orbs and Gems) by using the contents of your inventory. Elements need to be arranged in standard combinations to be eliminated - for example, Orbs need to be arranged in lines. What makes things interesting is that, when a combination explodes, nearby elements can be shifted by the blast. This can ultimately lead to amazing chain reactions!

The first levels include only the basic elements, but in later levels you’ll get access to a variety of special elements and tools, like Teleports and Disintegrators! Each new gameplay feature is introduced every 10-15 levels, so you’ll have time to get familiar with it. Lots of in-game hints and tips will help you to learn how to play easily and quickly. Just point the cursor over any element and right-click on it to get all the details on how to use it! Even if you get completely stuck on a level, there is a full set of online solutions available!

The game includes an easy-to-use Level Editor, so you'll be able to create and play custom levels.

Many advanced logic games have an ascetic look, but Paradoxion is a pleasant exception. Richly detailed space environments and relaxing music provide a highly enjoyable atmosphere for the perfect puzzle solving experience. Carefully crafted levels, elegant gameplay and a relaxing atmosphere - everything you need for the perfect puzzle-solving experience!